• The exposure showpig.com brings our operation is unmatched. We have the ability to reach a large number of customers from across the country through our online auctions and banner ads.
    HiPoint Genetics

  • Selling online with Showpig.com has expanded our market place and allowed to sell show pigs coast to coast.
    Steve Cobb & Family

  • Showpig.com provides great service from the start to finish of our online sales. Information is posted accurately and timely! Sales are promoted excellent through e-blasts, print and banners! Most important, there are no worries on sale day and in the closing out of sales!
    Tom Moyer & Family

  • The online traffic and exposure of our pigs through showpig.com is unbeatable in this industry. Showpig.com allows us an opportunity to expand the geography of our marketplace that barn traffic alone cannot accomplish. We have gained friends in the industry through showpig.com that otherwise we may have never met.
    Diamond V Showpigs

  • Showpig.com has proven to be the industry leader in online showpig sales. It is the most proven user friendly product available. We have formed countless new relationships with new customers that we would have never reached without showpig.com’s services. We look forward to working with Kevin and Katey exclusively as our online auctions agent and continuing to form relationships with new showpig customers though their services.
    Real McCoy Genetics

  • Showpig.com has been extremely professional, easy, and enjoyable to work with. By advertising and selling show pigs on showpig.com we are able to reach customers across the United States. The online auction website is easily accessible and fast. It is also easy for our customers to purchase our hogs that may not be able to the farm due to travel and time restraints.
    Shaffer's Goldrush

  • The staff at showpig.com has always been top notch to work with. We appreciate their professionalism, responsiveness and the fact that they know our industry. We’ve been very pleased with the partnership!
    WinMor Farms

  • The best part about working with showpig.com is working with the professional but also experienced people that not only know marketing but also know and understand livestock and that is a huge advantage when communicating and sending information in.
    Conover Showpigs

  • We have been fortunate enough to work with showpig.com for several years now and have expanded our showpig sales beyond our expectations due to online sales. Through showpig.com we can reach families from across the nation that we normally would not be able to. The professionalism, customer service and ease of the buying & selling process have made showpig.com our first choice in online sales!
    Triple L Showpigs

  • We are very pleased with the knowledgeable, prompt and professional service provided by the Showpig.com staff throughout the entire auction process. Showpig.com provides exposure that cannot be matched for the marketing of our boars, showpigs, and breeding stock!
    Ted Laird, Premium Blend Genetics

  • We have utilized the online auctions with great success marketing retired boars, lab equipment, and show pig prospects. We have also purchased outstanding herd sires for PSSS. I highly recommend the staff of showpig.com as a reputable place to assist in all facets of marketing your show pig business.
    Jon Fisher

  • Our partnership with Showpig.com has been very instrumental in spreading the word and giving customers access to information whether it be seeing new boars on stud or viewing showpigs offered for sale. The network of customers they have has helped us promote products and services all over the country. Services are prompt and precise due to the knowledgeable staff on hand that provide excellent customer satisfaction. The exposure that Showpig.com provides is unparalleled!
    Crossroads Genetics

  • The website looks awesome. Our family is really excited and wants to thank you for an outstanding job. Once again we are pleased with the job you did and look forward to working with you in the future. Thanks a lot for a job well done.
    Russell Family Showpigs

Online Auctions

Auction Success

In 2016, Showpig.com online showpig and bred gilt sales averaged over $875 per pig!

75% of all pigs listed on Showpig.com receive a bid and are sold!

More than 32,000 registered bidders for the Showpig.com online auctions!

Showpig.com online auctions average over 65,000 unique IP addresses per month!

Now booking online auctions for 2017!  Call our office or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.today!



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