3 Factors to Consider When Picking Your Sale Date

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Fall litters are starting to hit the ground and you have decided to sell your pigs online. Booking your sale early will ensure that you maximize your marketing efforts (see more about this here) but picking the right date is just as important. Here are three factors to keep in mind when picking a sale date.


Most breeders sell their pigs between 8-12 weeks of age.  The breed and genetic makeup of the hogs you are offering can play a big role in determining when they are ready to sell. Some genetic lines and breeds are quicker maturing and thus more ‘sale ready’ and bloomy at a younger age, while others may take a little longer to get to that point. Being mindful of your genetics and the way they mature will help you when prepping your pigs for sale and selecting the perfect time frame to take photos. 

It is recommended that you have your sale information including sale order, pictures, pedigrees, descriptions, and starting prices to your auction manager 5-7 days prior to your sale. When picking a sale date consider other events on your calendar that might prohibit you from picturing and gathering that information in a timely manner.

Also, be aware of the day of the week on which your sale will fall. For example, Friday nights during the fall are big high school football nights and might prohibit buyers from being in front of the computer.


An important part of the success of your online sale is what delivery options you will make available to your customers. It is a good idea to see what other shows, events and live sales that you will be attending close to your sale date to service as delivery locations.  If there are not other events that will work with the age of the pigs you are selling, be sure to check into upcoming third party hauler routes.

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