Sow mating again.

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Sow mating again.

Postby ANMAN » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:31 pm

Hello I have a Berkshire boar from a great pedigree and I turned him loose just before Christmas. He's bred his familiar sow first, saw it happen, several couplings, she's a larger Berkshire sow who has had one litter from him before. I had them held in a pen for a couple days before letting him out to the general population.

Over the next two months the boar went onto mount and HOPEFULLY breed 3 new gilts.

So now in the beginning of February the boar is mating with the fat sow again and she has appeared to gone into heat again as she's begging for it.

Does this mean she was never pregnant? I doubt she aborted.

The Boar has a checkered history, he had been with a huge gilt that had never gotten pregnant despite mating several times over a year. On the other hand I've taken him to the neighbor's sow and she had a litter of 10.

So I am left perplexed...perhaps there is some parasite or disease that my sows have to prevent them from reproducing?

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